Toyota Manual Transmission Shifters- 5 & 6 Speed

Toyota 6 Speed Manual Blank Adapter (2005 to 2020)

$ 54.00

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This grip adapter is cnc machined billet aluminum designed specifically for the Toyota 6 speed manual transmissions. No shortcuts were taken in the design and function of this adapter.

This adapter is also designed to mount virtually any mountain bike grip to be used as your shift knob! This single adapter is perfect if you already have spare grip lying around, old/retired grips, or have a favorite grip you want to run on your shifter. No other shifter knob gives you the customizability or quality that Getta Grip shifters gives you!

Grip is not included. You will need your own grip to put over this adapter.

click here for a SINGLE GRIP

Thread pitch- 12x1.25

Vehicle compatibility: Any Toyota/Lexus 6 speed manual trans from 2005 to 2016.

Contact us with any application questions.