About us

Welcome to the Getta Grip family! Our company started in Northern Utah, the heart of mountain sports and high spirited automotive enthusiasts. 

Our shifters are the fusion of two passions- mountain biking and racing cars! We have designed a gear shift knob that is totally customizable with performance and quality as the top priority. You dont have to be a biker or a car enthusiasts to enjoy our shifters. You just need to like having your own style and the thrill of the chase after quality. 

Our shifters are designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States. Made from billet aluminum and stainless steel for our weighted shifters, there are no compromises when we design any shifter. 

We began our story with making custom shifter for our bike friends and fellow car enthusiasts. The idea then sprouted to produce them on a larger scale to offer them to every enthusiasts out there. A lot of time and energy has gone into finding the best people to be involved in this project. The result is a awesome product backed by professionals and enthusiasts, just like you.