Expert Machine Single Grip

$ 18.50

A single grip includes one grip of your choice, a pair of custom lock rings in the color of your choice, and a black Lizard Skins end plug.

Behold... the classic Expert Machine grip! The unmistakable grip features a heavy knurled texture and the signature flange at the base. Doesn't it remind you of your old BMX bike grips from when you were a kid?!

The best of both worlds… The best grip manufacturer meets the innovator.

These ODI lockrings have been custom laser engraved the with Getta Grip logo to show your loyalty to your favorite brand.

Lizard Skins has also made the adjustment in their manufacturing to engrave both rings so they are right-side-up. This was done just for Getta Grip because we are are the first to mount a mountain bike vertically for use on a gear shifter!

Key Features

  • Silicon does not heat up in the summer or get frozen in the winter
  • Silicon grip is designed to fit your hand
  • Stays grippy no matter sweat, blood, or tears
  • Hundreds of color combinations
  • Easily changed out for a different look/color combo

As always, shoot us a message with any questions!